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Why President Bush Is WRONG---THIS TIME...

Last week ended with a massive firestorm about the impending deal to allow a United Arab Emirates government-run corporation to assume port security duties for seven American ports.
Now, with the facts that the UAE government have openly exercised anti-Semitic views like calling for Israel to be destroyed, recognising the Taleban as the "legitimate" government of Afghanistan, and provided financial aid to the 11 September bombing suspects, President George W Bush STILL stands by the decision and even vows to veto any effort Congress makes to scupper the whole deal.
Ordinarily I would stand with the President on this...yet OTOH the UAE stand for everything he is against, including supporting terror, opposing Israel, and supporting the totalitarians that outlawed television and forbade Afghan girls older than eight from going to school.
Consequently President Bush is acting in a rather hypocritical fashion here.
And politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle are RIGHT to do so.
I even found myself agreeing with Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY, whom I would ordinarily call Schmuck Schumer, or even worse, instead of Schmuck, something that sounds similar but starts with...you get the picture.
Schumer has blasted the Bush decision and not without good reason: He has caught Bush turning heel and called him to account.
And for all of his previous displays of irrational partisan hatred going back more than a decade Schumer is on the right track this time.
Why allow a government-run company in a country with a spotty record...at best...for opposing terrorist conduct...to run security at a GUARD SHACK let alone half a dozen American ports? The doubts are too strong for President Bush to stay on this course.
If he wants to veto any effort to scupper the deal with Dubai Ports World let him go ahead and do so but with the clear understanding that he will certainly face a veto override he never expected.
Michael Savage and Sean Hannity clearly get it; it is a shame that Rush Limbaugh for his accuracy record does not...but he may want to think this one over.
As should President Bush.
Forget the bottom line: We the people do not want our security sold out to an at-best questionable government-run company: We need an AMERICAN company to deal with this issue...failing that put this in the hands of the American government, even if it IS under Homeland Security, which is rather well mismanaged is.


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