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It Could Have Been Me...

Whilst I was waiting in a queue at Joplin Memorial Hall for WWE SmackDown! Live tickets in 10 degree weather I read the brief headline of a very disturbing newspaper story about a young teen sexually assaulted on the north side of town then picked up by a motorist after several others had driven past. And the kicker is she was outside in this subfreezing brutal cold without shoes or socks after she had escaped her attacker.
As I stood in line for three hours that frigid morning I was too concerned about getting ringside seats to worry about that, sad to say, I had wrestling on the brain, talked with other wrestling fans in the queue about how MNM suck, how Mercury and Nitro look like raggedy wimps, and Melina looked like a tramp, and how Mark Henry looks so much like a gorilla, how John Bradshaw Layfield is a jerk, how great Rey Mysterio is, how great Eddie Guerrero was, Bobby Lashley is awesome, Randy Orton is a punk, da, da, da, and then after getting my third row ringside seat I drove off, to the east side of town, just to get the snow off my car as we had had about an inch of snow the night before.
If I had driven to the north side instead, I know what I would have done if I had seen that first: I would have stopped to give her a lift to the police station and then had her tell the police her story.
Because I don't see the point in letting a crime victim suffer in frigid cold. I am glad someone did finally give her a lift but if I had been driving North Main Street that morning, I know it could have been me in the position of hero...


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