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From ProWrestlingFans.com:

Randy Orton defeated Rey Mysterio for his Wrestlemania title shot this past Sunday at No Way Out. However, at the Smackdown tapings tonight, it was announced that Rey Mysterio will compete in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania anyways. Instead of the World Heavyweight Championship match being Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle, the match will be Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio.

Now tell me you didn't see that one coming. Randy Orton had vowed on last week's SmackDown! that Rey Mysterio would never main event Wrestlemania. Looks like Orton is about to be forced to eat crow...either with a broken ankle or a 619.
Either way he is going to come out of this the clear loser.
That leaves Kurt and Rey Rey to sort this one out. Kurt has the intensity, integrity, and intelligence, but Rey Rey has the speed and the lucha libre background.
Put it simply: Rey Rey may have a slight advantage...and can you imagine what a boost it will be to see the five-foot-four-inch one hundred ninety-pound dynamo to come away the World Heavyweight Champion? That would mean I would outweigh the new heavyweight champion by 50 pounds in that case and that is likely to happen. And even if Mark Henry or Undertaker interfere...it still won't make a LICK of difference as Rey Rey will sting you with speed, to speak nothing of the sitting senton and the inezeguri and the tiltawhirl headscissors...and then the drop toehold that sets up the 619 will hamper even the giant Big Show or the gorilla Mark Henry.
Wonder if Rey Rey might even hit Melina with the 619? I know he once hit Jillian Hall and John Bradshaw Layfield with a double 619. All I know is he had better damn well make a stop in Joplin on 27 March!


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