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My Life Adventures

Lovely Filipina model Vivian Casaclang has this brilliant blog here on Blogspot in which she writes about, well, she calls it My Life Adventures, but I call it a lot of fun.
Also get prepared to face the music...because her blog features a GREAT jukebox. Wonder if I should put one up here on WWE SmackDown! Republicans...Maybe I could, but put only heavy metal tracks...maybe only wrestling themes...maybe...naaaaaahhh...
Anyway it deals with her day-to-day (more or less) existence with some great insights of her own. You should give her a visit or two both here on Blogspot and even on Myspace if you are so inclined...it is your call.


Blogger vivian said...

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog and myspace, i added you already... you have interesting stuff on your blog, i wish i have more time to read them... but i am exhausted, its late here, its 1130 pm, i should be heading to bed when i saw your comment. Thanks again for dropping by on my page.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Be safe.


29/7/06 03:35  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

You're welcome Vivian...BTW I've started discovering the more temporary nature of blogs on Myspace, so with the heavy content that comes up over at the Atomic Lounge, I've started reposting those entries in pieces over here too and then there are the other elements that turn up only here on WWE SmackDown! Republicans...

Hope you ALSO have a pleasant weekend and enjoy reading the entries everywhere...

11/8/06 01:29  

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