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More About The Death Of AbuMusab AlZarqawi...Getting There But Still Not Done

Chances are you probably woke up Thursday (08/06/2006) morning or early afternoon, or even caught late night/early morning news reports about the death of AlQaeda's leader in Iraq, AbuMusab AlZarqawi.
I was personally overjoyed to hear the news of the
US Special Ops killing off this worthless dreck underneath massive bombs.
I was cheering, yelling HELL YEAH! as I heard the news break on Coast To Coast AM and the BBC World Service, and then on the MSNBC website, the American ABC News website, and the AlJazeera and BBC websites as well.
I think simply, This is a great day, a great day for the War on Terror, a great day for the War in Iraq, a great day for the nascent Iraqi government, a great day for the Bush Administration, a great day for America, a great day for the American military, a great day for the Coalition, and a great day for liberty.
But we are not done yet.
Of course we have been unable to nail the head of AlQaeda, Osama BinLaden, for he is exceptionally crafty and able to hid himself from our radar.
But then again America and the Coalition need to use their technological advantages.
See why I say the job is not yet done?
We can still win this war on terror more effectively. What we need to do is cordon off any hotspots, give the residents 36 hours to exit those areas, then carpet bomb the whole area. We did that in Germany during WWII and it worked well to break the Nazi regime and drive Hitler and his tramp Eva Braun underground to kill themselves. Even Saddam Hussein was hiding in a concrete bunker himself when we found his ass!
We have unmanned drones and heatseeking missiles which we need to use more, instead of the focus on the ground war which we have had for some time. The ground war stopped working some time ago, folks.
And as for that banner marked, Mission Accomplished, on that aircraft carrier in '03, that banner was absolutely right and we deserve to have that banner displayed proudly!
America have earned that distinction on several fronts in Iraq: They have earned it for toppling Saddam Husayn AlTikriti from power, they have earned it for helping establish a democratically elected representative republic, they have earned it for helping establish an open capitalist society that is seeing rising wages, use of computers and mobile phones, and rising purchases of consumer goods ranging from candy to cars...and further bolstered by
the launch of a new microfinance programme designed to help small Iraqi businesses develop.
And now they have earned it for the annihiliation of one of the worst terrorist masterminds in history, AbuMusab AlZarqawi.
Our troops need to stand proud and never give up...not even if some criminal terrorist-appeasing Communist traitor lies in the media about American troops innocently doing their job killing terrorists on the streets.
This is the moment where America had DAMN WELL BETTER start demanding that our administration stand by our troops NO MATTER WHAT. And that any leftist liars from the media or the Democrat party who insist upon lying about our military and inventing false charges about so-called "atrocities" when all American troops are doing is their duty should be deported to someplace more in line with their fringe minority neoliberal, neosocialist, neocommunist, anti-American ideology. Cuba or China might better suit the Cindy Sheehans, Michael Moores, Harry Belafontes, Missy Beatties, Madonna Wannabes, and John Murthas illegally defaming our wartime leadership.
This is a proud day for the American military...and for America in general. But it is also a great day for liberty, for freedom, for democracy, for Iraq, for the Iraqi people, and for the effort to completely eliminate terrorism.
And this is another reminder we MUST stay in this fight UNTIL THE JOB IS FINISHED AND THE WAR IS WON!
U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A U-S-A!


Anonymous A friend of 'Wild Halo of Thought' said...

There are many things that I could comment about that Blog. But I'll focus on one at this time. The word 'illegally'. You say that these 'leftists' are 'illegally defaming' the 'wartime leadership'. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but does the US constitution not give the right to free speech. Last time I checked free speech included being allowed to criticize a Government.

Oh. I'll say one thing more: The death of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi was nothing but cold blooded, pre-meditated murder.

2/7/06 12:34  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

You seem to think that killing off terrorist mastermind AbuMusab AlZarqawi was coldblooded and premeditated.
You are entitled to your opinion in that regard.
That said, you MUST understand that he has helped mastermind inordinate levels of terrorist attacks throughout not only the Middle East but also the Muslim world (Bali, Indonesia via Jemaah Islamiyah and Mindanao, Philippines via AbuSayyaf readily come to mind), and maybe he has some involvement with terrorists in northeastern Africa as well.
Also keep in mind that another New York terror plot has been exposed.
And then there is the matter of what the United States allow people to say:
There is a CLEAR difference between dissent and defamation of the wartime leadership.
There is a CLEAR difference between rational dissent and disagreement with the war on terror and the irrational partisan hatred coming from the Michael Moores, Cindy Sheehans, Natalie Maineses, Al Frankens, John Murthas, Howard Deans, and Madonnas of the fringe left, fomenting a neocommunist hegemony that would rather have America bray on their knees before a murderous false god leading a bloodthirsty cult that have corrupted the meanings of the Scriptures of a great religious faith.
The problem is the irrational partisan hatred that hates the first popularly-elected American president since 1988 for taking action following 12 years---TWELVE YEARS---of Saddam Hussein obstructing the United Nations WMD inspectors, knocking down his regime, replacing it with a representative republic which have held several elections and established a more democratic and free government, where rape rooms have been shut down and prisoners are no longer tortured for their political beliefs, and now this same new republic are trying Hussein for his crimes against humanity and may soon send him to his death---has plagued too many leftist, neoliberal, neosocialist, and neocommunist viewpoints. TOO MUCH OF THEIR ARGUMENTS ARE ROOTED IN IRRATIONAL PARTISAN HATRED.
And the bulk of the controlled media in America refuse to cover this sort of thing without injecting a lot of their neoliberal spin into the mix.
And I am absolutely 100 percent correct to point out that the fringe minority neoliberal leftists ARE INDEED ILLEGALLY defaming the wartime leadership.
Have you ever heard of treason? Sedition? Look those up with a Google search and see what you get. You will be reminded of how we had to deal with the likes of Benedict Arnold and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
And yes indeed free speech DOES INCLUDE the right to criticise a government. But it is ENTIRELY different to condemn a just and righteous war that has prevented further terrorist attacks (1) and liberated no fewer than 50 MILLION people in Iraq and Afghanistan (2), ESPECIALLY if the "criticism" includes things like fomenting treason and sedition.
We have a military officer named Watada who has refused to go into combat when his unit were called up to serve, and now he is facing dishonourable discharge and a long prison term...a lightweight sentence for what he deserves. Appeasement-minded people like Watada, Moore, Sheehan, Maines, and Murtha deserve to be deported to someplace more in line with their neocommunist beliefs. Maybe Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe, Hugo Chavez, or Hu Jintao could take them in.
But I understand your disagreement and I respect your opinion.

7/7/06 21:47  

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