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Wild Halo of Thought

After stumbling onto Wild Halo of Thought and taking a few moments to read and to comment on Kris' essays I found that she had described herself accurately, and had not disappointed.
And you too will be satisfied if you read that blog and even more so at her writings...truly a very intelligent young lady...


Blogger Kris said...

Thanks for the link! Hopefully people can visit I hope anyone who visits won't be expecting a political discussion of a particular nature! ;) My political ideaology is rather piecemeal, taken from both sides of the spectrum, so to speak.
Kris, aka Wild Halo of Thought

30/6/06 01:33  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

You're welcome. I am glad to see where you come from. My work is ALSO piecemeal, a lot of it conservative, some libertarian, a little bit of what some would call liberal here and there, but there is a fusion of conservative and libertarian views with my philosophy, and I acknowledge that sometimes the leftists have a decent POV worth exploring, and there may be a lot of common ground that the Diet Bush-Diet Dean-Diet Howard-Diet Beazley-Diet Blair-Diet Cameron political hydrae are missing.

7/7/06 21:50  

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