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Yeah, I Wrote this Blog!

I would like to tell you folks a little bit about one of my pals from the world of online discussion forums.
My buddy Stacy has this great weblog, Yeah, I Wrote this Blog!, and he boasts he won't apologise for it either.
He doesn't need to apologise for ANYTHING...he does great work as a writer and as an artist, you have to see some of his own personal artwork posted in his blog.


Blogger Stacy said...

Hey there Atomica. Thanks for supporting my Blog. Thanks for checking out my artwork!!!

22/2/06 17:56  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

You're welcome Stacy. I always like to check out interesting places throughout the Web.
I had been running a website for several years beforehand and it closely resembled the blog format, you could say I was blogging before blogging was called blogging...

22/2/06 20:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog! Good luck. Carl

22/2/06 22:20  
Anonymous Carl said...

Great blog. Good luck.

22/2/06 22:22  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

Thanks Carl...Greatly appreciated...

22/2/06 22:31  

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