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Maxthon: The Way I Surf The World---And You Should Too

Earlier this afternoon I stumbled upon this awesome browser developed in Asia.

It was quite by accident, as I was looking for WindowShades, a popup blocker, but kept finding a 404 Not found message.

However I found something even better. It was a new browser that wowed me from the moment I started using it. And it outperformed every other browser I had ever used.

I have used Internet Explorer, the SBC/AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet browser, and even Mozilla Firefox, and had recently gotten the last of those, and was really enjoying Firefox.

But then along came Maxthon.

And let me tell you about Maxthon.

Maxthon is a very lightweight browser with heavyweight performance. It takes up significantly smaller file space on your disk than any other browser yet you would be amazed at how many tabs you can use with multitab browsing. Right now I am working with six tabs open, and I am used to working with a number of tabs and sometimes windows open.

Maxthon also has an awesome popup blocker and a number of addons such as RSS feed finders, and even go as far as to incorporate links to Microsoft sites and FlashSave...

And you won't believe the variety of skins available for Maxthon browsers. They are mindblowing in nature.

I urge you to download the Maxload browser on the Maxthon website (see the Maxthon horse pill on the right) and get prepared to experience the way more and more people surf the world.


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