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James And Chad, We Hardly Knew Ye

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On this Friday night's edition of WWE SmackDown! you can catch the last on-air appearance of James and Chad Dick, forming the tag team The Dicks.
The muscular, hunky young male duo based in New Jersey were just released by World Wrestling Entertainment.
I suppose it was kind of hard to get behind these two fellows but then again if they had actually gotten to face the undeserving and overrated tag team champions MNM---consisting of a heavily-implanted pornographic snob named Melina Perez and her two worthless, sterile, unkempt, nasty, dirty-fighting, cocky, punk-assed pimps Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury---maybe The Dicks might have actually held the title for a while and they might have stayed.
Of course the Chippendale clones were a bit of comic relief and of course accomplished wrestlers, but it was nearly impossible for them to gain traction.
That's OK. Maybe they will work out for TNA or even back in the WWE development leagues Ohio Valley Wrestling or Deep South Wrestling. Who really knows?
And no, I don't think that "Dick" jokes alone are a reason to keep James and Chad around, why, when they showed the level of talent so many others wish they had to exhibit on a national and even international stage.
I hope that the two lads will find greater opportunities elsewhere. Brother Vince will certainly wish he hadn't let them go.
But then again there is always the Draft Lottery. Maybe Melina will get sent to RAW.


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