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Volume Five, Sixteen Interstate Highways That The DOT SHOULD Build: FOCUS: Interstate 39

Interstate 39 is a bit of unique route to be forthright, and a fairly recent innovation. It has come along only in the past 15 years or so as a connector from Madison WI into central Illinois. But I have bigger plans for the I-39 and maybe some of you folks might too.

We start from its present terminus at Bloomington and bring that route toward the Gulf and south Florida first by sending it on a direct path to Evansville IL, which along with neighbouring Owensboro in Kentucky are forming part of a growing metropolitan area that should be attracting more commerce to the area in the coming decades.
And part of that dynamic means that the growing Southern states will need additional corridors to major metropoles of the North. Interstate 39, and the proposed I-63 as well, will help to connect that area with other metropoles throughout the Great Lakes, the Midwest, and the South.

Kentucky and Indiana are definitely on the move as are Southern states like Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida, all of which are on the I-39 corridor. It even runs through eastern Chattanooga and links western Georgia to the western Great Lakes as well as providing Columbus with a 2di, freeing up the I-185 for a new corridor elsewhere in the Peach State, and then puts some of the Florida West Coast on the Interstate Highway System, before putting the Florida's Turnpike on the same system as well. The significance of the addition of the turnpike to the Interstate Highway System cannot be underestimated as it not only gives the Sunshine State a direct connection to the western Great Lakes and the Midwest but also it adds more toll revenues to the Florida Turnpike authority.

Besides the increasingly sensitive environments of central and southern Florida will be further maintained with Interstate 39 being extended without one dime spent on new construction south of Leesburg, the northernmost community on the Turnpike.

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Additionally, speaking of the Turnpike, the state of Florida could even choose to put Crystal River, Chiefland, and Perry on a turnpike extension connecting to Tallahassee, putting more communities on the corridor and presenting greater income potential. Though the I-39 north of Leesburg IS designated on that map as a freeway (red line), it could easily be a turnpike, even an extended Florida's Turnpike (black line).

For Kentucky and Tennessee there are greater opportunities, even for running the I-39 between the I-24 and the I-75, forming a bit more of a fan for southern Tennessee from Chattanooga. As area US and state highways gain traffic volume the I-39 will clearly be necessary.
As a bonus I have enclosed a graphic that shows not only the proposed I-39 but also an I-63 proposal to link western Kentucky and Tennessee to Mississippi, essentially following a corridor composed of US49 to Tupelo, MS15 through Philadelphia and MS9(or 15?) through eastern Mississippi, connecting Laurel to Gulfport, a great way to help the Gulf Region rebuild from Hurricane Katrina and also connect the Gulf directly to the Great Lakes as the I-39 ALSO goes north along the US41 corridor in Indiana connecting Terre Haute. Surely the I-65 parallels the I-63 for at least some of the distance---the I-65 connects to Mobile from Gary, but could be realigned to run to Panama City FL and the I-85 could take over that stretch. But those factors will need to addressed in future. I am planning at least special segment on additional highways in the areas affected by these proposals.


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