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Triple Shot: Jimi Neglected, MNM Implodes, Oz Rejects Gay Marriage

After having visited the Leon Hendrix Mysterience here on Myspace and listened to several of their tracks, I read a story on the weblog over there about how the City of Seattle had badly neglected their most famous native son, born James Marshall Hendrix in 1942, who would go on to enjoy fame as perhaps the greatest rock guitarist ever.
From 1980 when the city named a rock at the local zoo for Jimi Hendrix, a number of citizens, White and Black alike, expressed their own disgust at the disrespect for this great rock icon.
Why only a rock? Why not a street? Maybe a street in the neighbourhood where Jimi and Leon grew up would have been better named for him. Maybe their neighbourhood school would have been suited for his name. Or how about a major street, a highway, even a freeway?
Why not rename Interstate 5, Interstate 90, or even Interstate 405 for Jimi Hendrix? Surely the man known for hits like Purple haze, The wind cries Mary, Fire, Crosstown traffic, Third stone from the sun, and Who knows. Jimi has been credited with launching much of the hard rock and even R&B we hear today.
Hey, how about resurrecting US99 and renaming that the Jimi Hendrix Memorial Highway? Or at the least, a motorway junction, maybe the I-5/I-90 junction? Maybe the Alaskan Way Viaduct is worthy of Jimi Hendrix' name.
Maybe a ballpark would help...Why so much emphasis on naming ballparks for companies? Why not Jimi Hendrix Stadium? Jimi DID serve in Airborne---why not a National Guard Armoury building, or a street in front of the same?
The plain and simple is a man of Jimi's talent which defies description in magnitude clearly deserves so much more of a memorial. And it is not just rock fans who would benefit: The city of Seattle would further benefit from increased tourism from those who would want to see a major music icon honoured in proper fashion. Even if they had to do it at 60mi/h on a potential Jimi Hendrix Memorial Freeway!
IN WRESTLING NEWS: Yesterday night in Phoenix at the WWE pay per view event Judgment Day the three-time Tag Team Champions MNM basically collapsed on themselves.
Starting in a miscue during their match against the new tag team champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick in which Joey Mercury knocked his partner Johnny Nitro down, the always-fiery and always-snobbish Melina Perez, infamous for her splits on the apron in their entrance, erupted in a fury and screamed at Joey, then slapped him; Joey then grabbed her wrist, causing Johnny, who had been dating Melina as of late, to erupt, pounding Joey mercilessly whilst Melina kicked referee Jim Korderas in the groin. SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long had to break the whole matter up, then Melina went on to lose a WWE Divas Match against newfound rival Jillian Hall, who defeated her by rolling her up despite Melina's efforts to grab the rope; Melina protested by slapping Long in the face, and Johnny blew up in Long's face as well.
Long fired both Johnny and Melina immediately.
And there was evidently a long history of heat or drama backstage, and had even been the subject of a session of Wrestlers Court in which Undertaker presided as judge.
Now there is word that Johnny and Melina are on suspension and will be moved to RAW when they return. Only Joey's pic was on the SmackDown! superstars page as of this morning. And HE has taken time off to attend to some personal issues.
I would THINK that Joey would want to take time off! The poor sap has been stabbed in the back by both his erstwhile manager---a loose cannon in her own right---AND his erstwhile partner.
It is abundantly clear that MNM are no more. They came in with a bang and they definitely went out with a bang!
But then again Melina has been bringing this on herself for so long, in fact MNM did, but Joey is running like hell to distance himself from MNM. Good luck, Brother Joey. You'll make it.
Johnny: He is also as we found out a bit of a loose cannon given his reputation as of late. Maybe anger management is in order? Even John Heidenreich underwent the same, as has Big Show.
Melina: OMG don't get me STARTED on Melina! Let us say that my most blunt remarks about her are NOT the kind of remarks you would want to make to your pastor or your rabbi or your imam or your priest. I derided her splits on the apron, I used to spit at the telly whenever they would steal another match---they rarely if ever won a match fairly, largely due to Melina's interference with the matches, like distracting referees or opponents, clearly a dirty fighter. And that is topped off with layers of snobbery and a generally foul attitude, with absolute disrespect for her opponents and the audience, who regularly jeered MNM. And in recent weeks her "primal" earpiercing scream has been met with thunderous booing.
Brother Vince had met with Melina recently regarding her problems with Sharmell. Now it looks like he is being way too charitable with Melina if not also with Johnny.
If I were in Brother Vince's position I would most certainly have not been NEARLY this charitable. I would have given the both of them a loud and clear gruff growl of

Australian Prime Minister John Howard had to face down some heat from a Dublin University student who challenged Prime Minister Howard on his country's vast majority stand against same sex "marriage".
The prime minister correctly affirmed that it is radical gay and lesbian activists acting in fundamentalist fashion trying to force their minority fundamentalism upon the masses of Australia.
Of course Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby spokesman David Scamell offered the following:
"Given that both Labor and Liberal say that they don't support gay marriage, I don't think it's likely to happen anytime soon, but that doesn't mean he is in touch with what Australians want."
Actually Mr Scamell could not be more wrong: The reality is most Australians, as is the case with most Americans, are vigourously opposed to same sex "marriage". Australians will never accept same sex "marriage" as a whole. It is not in their nature.
As is the case with most radical Marxists who have hijacked the gay and lesbian rights movement, prostituting LGBT folk for the sake of forcing their own fringe minority neoliberal neosocialist neocommunist hegemony upon the masses, Mr Scamell has got everything back to front.
The plain and simple is the Australian people by far and away defend REAL marriage, a union exclusively between one man and one woman. And until people like Mr Scamell get that fact, they will continue to be on the losing end of this debate.
And I am pleased to announce that LGBT folk in the US are starting to see through the neocom smokescreen. Already weblogs like "Homocon" and "Gay Patriot" have popped up, and there is even a pro-life organisation based largely of LGBT folk who support unborn rights, PLAGAL.
All I gotta say, is keep on fighting, folks. As a heterosexual man myself I support every effort by LGBT folk to resist the neocom hegemony.
And I hope the rest of you do too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples?

30/6/06 13:28  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

This is especially for Anonymous, who asks,

"Why shouldn't gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples?"

In most cases they ALREADY DO.


I DO see where you are getting at. You are asking why same sex couples are not being allowed to corrupt the institution of marriage in Australia.
There is a very simple and straightforward and commonsense reason for that policy:
The fact of the matter is marriage is expressly between a man and a woman for the express purpose of continuation of the human race via propagation.
And I will grant that a number of people are reproducing outside marriage, not necessarily a problem, but some folks still look down upon that practise, understandably or not.

That said, Australia have a strong collective opposition to same sex "marriage" which has been practically forced upon people in Holland, Belgium, Spain, Canada, and the American state of Massachusetts.
America are a perfect example of strong support for real marriage in that states have been defining marriage as being ONLY between a man and a woman. And though you get an occasional neoliberal in the judiciary who attempts to force his or her own views upon a vast majority conservative populace and try to shortcircuit their efforts in the end they usually get interrupted in their efforts.

Real marriage has earned a strong defence in Australia and in America and is earning a growing defence in Canada and the fac t that their new PM Stephen Harper has vowed to let the people of his country have an honest vote is adding credence to their change of opinion from the Canadian Supreme Court forcing their will upon the people of that country.

And another thing to note is that though very few people actually exhibit homophobic attitudes most condemn homosexuality, proof that one can stand against homosexuality without being homophobic.

And the strong support for real marriage is an extension of that truth: Opposition to the corruption of marriage is NOT homophobic nor discriminatory in ANY way; if anything they are probably standing against the REAL homophobes who patronise homosexuals by forcing a measure benefitting at most only 4 percent of the populace on the 93 percent of the populace who are not LGBT folk, and the 7 percent who are LGBT folk are being patronised by the Left in all too many ways, and those 7 percent must demand that the patronisation come to a dead halt.
The Left want to patronise LGBT folk in effort to enslave them to their failed hegemony and ideology.

7/7/06 22:03  

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