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The Tragedy Of Africville: Halifax' Shame

I don't have a problem with progress. I always like to see new bridges built when they are needed.
But sometimes they negatively affect certain communities.
Take the former Halifax neighbourhood of Africville for example. The Nova Scotia community basically forced the inhabitants off their land in 1967 to build a bridge.
And what is tragic about that is this historically Black community, dating back to 1790, was purposefully targeted because of its apparently backward conditions.
My understanding is many Canadian communities were without modern amenities later than most American communities were. Why is it that instead of having to remember the community at a local park near the bridge the African-Canadians of that community could have simply had their community preserved as much as possible whilst modernising the neighbourhood? It's no wonder Nova Scotia MLA Percy Paris, a Black New Democrat, condemned the past treatment and demanded an official apology.
Methinks that the Nova Scotia premier has an obligation to seriously consider how people in the Black, and for that matter the First Nations communities as well, were treated. And though there is nothing that can be done to reverse the ill treatment including the destruction of Africville, there is always a lot we can learn from the bad moves of the past and learn to respect other cultures where necessary, yet still uphold the culture of a nation where required as well.
And Canada can learn a lot from the way Africville was treated.


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