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A New Name For Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-Nursery

Seeing how Hillary Clinton reacted like a crybaby when she was asked about drivers licences for illegal aliens then refused to take a stand, complaining instead about how that question WASN'T a "vast right wing conspiracy" and then complained to Nuthin' But Crap announcer Mr Potato Head during the Democrat candidates' debate, I have a new name for her.

It all started with this question from Mr Potato Head:

"Senator Clinton, I just want to make sure of what I heard. Do you, the New York senator, Hillary Clinton, support the New York governor's plan to give illegal immigrants a driver's license? You told the New Hampshire paper that it made a lot of sense. Do you support his plan?"

Then the crybaby in Hillary came out...

"You know, Tim (Russert, AKA "Mr Potato Head" from Meet The Depressed on Nuthin' But Crap), this is where everybody plays gotcha. It makes a lot of sense. What is the governor supposed to do? He is dealing with a serious problem. We have failed. And George Bush has failed. Do I think this is the best thing for any governor to do? No. But do I understand the sense of real desperation, trying to get a handle on this? Remember, in New York, we want to know who's in New York. We want people to come out of the shadows. He's making an honest effort to do it. We should have passed immigration reform. "

Then she has the cheek to whinge and moan about being picked on.

Sorry, Mrs "96 Tears" Clinton, but we're not buying that anymore.

There you have it: my new name for Hillary Clinton.

"96 Tears".

Inspired by the 1960s psychedelic hit from ? and the Mysterians, I would suggest that Rush --- and all other talk radio hosts too --- start calling her Hillary "96 Tears" Clinton. This could be a NEW UPDATE --- the Hillary Clinton update, starting with the song "96 Tears" and then Rush gives us the latest on her!

So, RUSH, Sean, Michael, Mark, Neal, Glenn, Bill, Bill, ANYBODY, PLEASE ---- steal this bit --- PLEASE! For the good of America!

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