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Wild Halo of Thought

After stumbling onto Wild Halo of Thought and taking a few moments to read and to comment on Kris' essays I found that she had described herself accurately, and had not disappointed.
And you too will be satisfied if you read that blog and even more so at her writings...truly a very intelligent young lady...


Now Here's Some Good News You Just Don't See Every Day...

For once I am pleased to talk about something happening in two political hotbeds, East Asia and Africa.
If you have been following the news about Zimbabwe lately then you will know that the failed governmental policies of that country's dictator Robert Mugabe, who has oppressed his country's hitherto successful White farmers by stealing their land and giving it to ignorant hacks within his political party, the seemingly eternally ruling ZanuPF.
He has also attacked the poor living within urban areas especially in the area of the capital Harare, even destroying the homes of thousands upon thousands of poor Zimbabweans in the name of "cleaning up the waste".
And to top it all off his country suffer under a 1200 percent inflation rate.
And all that BEFORE we even reach his regime's laundry list of human rights violations.
But an unlikely goodwill gesture has drawn the attention of the international media: Some of that country's children are about to receive some 200 000 pieces of candy thanks to Taiwanese schoolboy Lin HungChun, a sixth-grader at the Ping Ho Primary School in the central community of Changhwa.
It is stunning to be forthright that an 11-or-12-year-old boy could have so much concern for starving Africans that he wanted to gather such a massive number of chocolates. He got the idea for this plan after seeing photos of such thin children.
And though many millions of African children need more substantial food aid than chocolates and other candies, certainly this is the case in Zimbabwe, Lin's gesture is beyond welcome.
As we become more self-absorbed in ourselves and in our lives, as we fret over making bill payments, sweating the mobile phone bill here, the car insurance there, internet service this, electric bill that, natural gas bill here, $3 a gallon petrol there, Lin just brought a sense of reality into our overbuilt sense of reality: He is telling us, Think about those who don't have any of those things.
It is maddening to think that an 11-year-old, 12-year-old boy in central Free China, in the heart of Taiwan, Republic Of China, the dominion of the TRUE government of the Chinese people, should have to remind us of, as in the words of commentator Cal Thomas, the things that matter most.
And this is clearly one of those things: Chung ChingFang has EVERY reason to be proud of her son Lin. After all, he DID undertake an effort to help poor schoolmates who could not afford to buy lunch. That was the start of a long road that Lin plans to follow to become a humanitarian.
He could well wind up the Larry Jones of East Asia. Wonder what the Feed The Children cofounder would say to this. I bet he jumps in with some food aid for Zimbabwe. Problem is we have a risk that Mugabe's ZanuPF party hacks might hijack such aid given freely in good faith by the people of Taiwan, the USA, Canada, or any other country.
If the world media do not not Lin HungChun as their young hero of the day it's a damn shame.


More About The Death Of AbuMusab AlZarqawi...Getting There But Still Not Done

Chances are you probably woke up Thursday (08/06/2006) morning or early afternoon, or even caught late night/early morning news reports about the death of AlQaeda's leader in Iraq, AbuMusab AlZarqawi.
I was personally overjoyed to hear the news of the
US Special Ops killing off this worthless dreck underneath massive bombs.
I was cheering, yelling HELL YEAH! as I heard the news break on Coast To Coast AM and the BBC World Service, and then on the MSNBC website, the American ABC News website, and the AlJazeera and BBC websites as well.
I think simply, This is a great day, a great day for the War on Terror, a great day for the War in Iraq, a great day for the nascent Iraqi government, a great day for the Bush Administration, a great day for America, a great day for the American military, a great day for the Coalition, and a great day for liberty.
But we are not done yet.
Of course we have been unable to nail the head of AlQaeda, Osama BinLaden, for he is exceptionally crafty and able to hid himself from our radar.
But then again America and the Coalition need to use their technological advantages.
See why I say the job is not yet done?
We can still win this war on terror more effectively. What we need to do is cordon off any hotspots, give the residents 36 hours to exit those areas, then carpet bomb the whole area. We did that in Germany during WWII and it worked well to break the Nazi regime and drive Hitler and his tramp Eva Braun underground to kill themselves. Even Saddam Hussein was hiding in a concrete bunker himself when we found his ass!
We have unmanned drones and heatseeking missiles which we need to use more, instead of the focus on the ground war which we have had for some time. The ground war stopped working some time ago, folks.
And as for that banner marked, Mission Accomplished, on that aircraft carrier in '03, that banner was absolutely right and we deserve to have that banner displayed proudly!
America have earned that distinction on several fronts in Iraq: They have earned it for toppling Saddam Husayn AlTikriti from power, they have earned it for helping establish a democratically elected representative republic, they have earned it for helping establish an open capitalist society that is seeing rising wages, use of computers and mobile phones, and rising purchases of consumer goods ranging from candy to cars...and further bolstered by
the launch of a new microfinance programme designed to help small Iraqi businesses develop.
And now they have earned it for the annihiliation of one of the worst terrorist masterminds in history, AbuMusab AlZarqawi.
Our troops need to stand proud and never give up...not even if some criminal terrorist-appeasing Communist traitor lies in the media about American troops innocently doing their job killing terrorists on the streets.
This is the moment where America had DAMN WELL BETTER start demanding that our administration stand by our troops NO MATTER WHAT. And that any leftist liars from the media or the Democrat party who insist upon lying about our military and inventing false charges about so-called "atrocities" when all American troops are doing is their duty should be deported to someplace more in line with their fringe minority neoliberal, neosocialist, neocommunist, anti-American ideology. Cuba or China might better suit the Cindy Sheehans, Michael Moores, Harry Belafontes, Missy Beatties, Madonna Wannabes, and John Murthas illegally defaming our wartime leadership.
This is a proud day for the American military...and for America in general. But it is also a great day for liberty, for freedom, for democracy, for Iraq, for the Iraqi people, and for the effort to completely eliminate terrorism.
And this is another reminder we MUST stay in this fight UNTIL THE JOB IS FINISHED AND THE WAR IS WON!
U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A U-S-A!


DCM Studios Online - News and Updates

Finally dropped in on the blog of one of my fellow moderators on Forum Saradas, DCM Studios Online - News and Updates, and let me tell you, Dave Matthews is one hell of a talent!
You will love his cartoon depictions of muscular women the way they were meant to be, hot, hard, huge, powerful, and a healthy dose of sexy!
But if that's not usually your cuppa, go see what Dave does anyway...you won't be disappointed.
And yeh, tell 'em the Atomic Kingpin sent ya!