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Why Didn't I Just Replace It The First Time?

My computer started acting up, specifically my boot drive, and I had to take it in to a technician who determined that the boot drive was failing and the solution has been determined that we will use the current servant drive as a new master drive. Which is probably what I should have done in first place, simply replaced the old 6,4GB C/D drive with the new 80GB hard drive...
Isn't that about a bugger, when you have to have someone do for you what you should have done yourself? Somehow my first clue should have been that it was no longer defragmenting properly...
But in the end my plan is to get another 80GB hard drive to use as another servant/slave drive to what is about to become a new master...


MC Hammer

Whilst checking out the Buzz section I ran into another one of my entertainment favourites: MC Hammer, a venerable rap artist who is repsonsible for tracks like Turn this mutha out, U can't touch this, Pray, This is the way we roll, and who could ever forget, 2 legit 2 quit.
He has launched a new video, Look look look, and has been talking about it, and appreciates comments but very clearly indicates he may pull irrelevant comments from his weblog, so if you have the time, by all means check out this hip hop icon.
WOW! Quite a lot of great folks here on Blogger...I can see how it can attract so many different people from round the world. And quite a lot of great folks at that...
Suddenly we are all more interconnected than ever...

James And Chad, We Hardly Knew Ye

Feeling: Normal
Listening to: BBC World Service

On this Friday night's edition of WWE SmackDown! you can catch the last on-air appearance of James and Chad Dick, forming the tag team The Dicks.
The muscular, hunky young male duo based in New Jersey were just released by World Wrestling Entertainment.
I suppose it was kind of hard to get behind these two fellows but then again if they had actually gotten to face the undeserving and overrated tag team champions MNM---consisting of a heavily-implanted pornographic snob named Melina Perez and her two worthless, sterile, unkempt, nasty, dirty-fighting, cocky, punk-assed pimps Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury---maybe The Dicks might have actually held the title for a while and they might have stayed.
Of course the Chippendale clones were a bit of comic relief and of course accomplished wrestlers, but it was nearly impossible for them to gain traction.
That's OK. Maybe they will work out for TNA or even back in the WWE development leagues Ohio Valley Wrestling or Deep South Wrestling. Who really knows?
And no, I don't think that "Dick" jokes alone are a reason to keep James and Chad around, why, when they showed the level of talent so many others wish they had to exhibit on a national and even international stage.
I hope that the two lads will find greater opportunities elsewhere. Brother Vince will certainly wish he hadn't let them go.
But then again there is always the Draft Lottery. Maybe Melina will get sent to RAW.


South Park Bloggers Gallery

Hi folks, just thought I would take a moment to share with you a little info about a blog and a gallery both of which are noteworthy, to basically show depictions of ourselves as South Park-type characters.
Funny thing is I wound up depicting myself looking like, well, you get the idea...
Let's see how you folks do if you decide to go that route and show us how you might appear as a South Park character...
Also whilst you are at it check out Southpark Republicans and also have a look at "South Park Republican"...both of which originate from the book by the same name, here is a look at an article that features just that...


From Six To Five And Back To Five And A Half Networks

First there was the advent of the WB and UPN networks in 1995 to challenge CBS, ABC, NBC, and the then-fledgling Fox TV Networks.
But even with more ambitious programming, with the WB spawning popular shows like The Steve Harvey Show, Unhappily Ever After, and Charmed, and the UPN giving us Girlfriends, Veronica Mars, America's Next Top Model, and WWE SmackDown!, they still continued to struggle.
Last month the two decided to unite to form The CW, taking a letter from CBS and Warner Brothers, two different television studios that united the low-rated networks under a joint venture between media titans TimeWarner and Viacom.
Then they started picking the stronger stations in each market to carry the CW which inevitably means that some stations wound up being orphaned.
Now NewsCorp, the parent of Fox Television and Fox News (see the links to your right) and Fox Sports, is announcing a new network, "MyNetworkTV", which appears a little unwieldly to begin with.
Whilst it does incorporate some of the orphaned stations especially in 10 major markets like Los Angeles and Chicago and New York---VERY crucial markets to start with---it also offers greater opportunities for the orphaned stations left out of the CW project.
However it also offers MAJOR challenges for the MyNetwork crowd: The schedule starts with two serials following a telenovela format common in Latin American television, airing two dramas six nights a week.
This alone means that the new network needs to start developing a more diverse schedule right away. They need to find programmes that truly appeal to the greatest number of people possible and do so in a tasteful fashion. But they need to take great care to ensure enough interest in programming variety to hold the viewers and attract new groups of viewers.
And the fact they are planning a game show is a good step but they still need to work on other shows like comedies. They are already planning a supermodel talent search and need to work on developing a show similar to Pop Idol as well.
MyNetwork has A LOT of potential for good and bad alike and right now they need to focus on the broader market, not just niche markets like for Blacks and Latinos and gays and that sort of thing. If they can pull out a popular programme that attracts people from a wide spectrum of the populace then this new half-network might well develop into a FULL network and maybe even attract the ex-WB and ex-UPN affiliates more quickly and with greater results.

Yeah, I Wrote this Blog!

I would like to tell you folks a little bit about one of my pals from the world of online discussion forums.
My buddy Stacy has this great weblog, Yeah, I Wrote this Blog!, and he boasts he won't apologise for it either.
He doesn't need to apologise for ANYTHING...he does great work as a writer and as an artist, you have to see some of his own personal artwork posted in his blog.


From ProWrestlingFans.com:

Randy Orton defeated Rey Mysterio for his Wrestlemania title shot this past Sunday at No Way Out. However, at the Smackdown tapings tonight, it was announced that Rey Mysterio will compete in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania anyways. Instead of the World Heavyweight Championship match being Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle, the match will be Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio.

Now tell me you didn't see that one coming. Randy Orton had vowed on last week's SmackDown! that Rey Mysterio would never main event Wrestlemania. Looks like Orton is about to be forced to eat crow...either with a broken ankle or a 619.
Either way he is going to come out of this the clear loser.
That leaves Kurt and Rey Rey to sort this one out. Kurt has the intensity, integrity, and intelligence, but Rey Rey has the speed and the lucha libre background.
Put it simply: Rey Rey may have a slight advantage...and can you imagine what a boost it will be to see the five-foot-four-inch one hundred ninety-pound dynamo to come away the World Heavyweight Champion? That would mean I would outweigh the new heavyweight champion by 50 pounds in that case and that is likely to happen. And even if Mark Henry or Undertaker interfere...it still won't make a LICK of difference as Rey Rey will sting you with speed, to speak nothing of the sitting senton and the inezeguri and the tiltawhirl headscissors...and then the drop toehold that sets up the 619 will hamper even the giant Big Show or the gorilla Mark Henry.
Wonder if Rey Rey might even hit Melina with the 619? I know he once hit Jillian Hall and John Bradshaw Layfield with a double 619. All I know is he had better damn well make a stop in Joplin on 27 March!

all kinds of stuff

Just had to let everyone know about the John Kricfalusi blog all kinds of stuff.
If you have ever seen works like Ren & Stimpy or Catdog, or the Bjork video I miss you, then you know what I am talking about.
Great job, John. Keep up the great work.

It Could Have Been Me...

Whilst I was waiting in a queue at Joplin Memorial Hall for WWE SmackDown! Live tickets in 10 degree weather I read the brief headline of a very disturbing newspaper story about a young teen sexually assaulted on the north side of town then picked up by a motorist after several others had driven past. And the kicker is she was outside in this subfreezing brutal cold without shoes or socks after she had escaped her attacker.
As I stood in line for three hours that frigid morning I was too concerned about getting ringside seats to worry about that, sad to say, I had wrestling on the brain, talked with other wrestling fans in the queue about how MNM suck, how Mercury and Nitro look like raggedy wimps, and Melina looked like a tramp, and how Mark Henry looks so much like a gorilla, how John Bradshaw Layfield is a jerk, how great Rey Mysterio is, how great Eddie Guerrero was, Bobby Lashley is awesome, Randy Orton is a punk, da, da, da, and then after getting my third row ringside seat I drove off, to the east side of town, just to get the snow off my car as we had had about an inch of snow the night before.
If I had driven to the north side instead, I know what I would have done if I had seen that first: I would have stopped to give her a lift to the police station and then had her tell the police her story.
Because I don't see the point in letting a crime victim suffer in frigid cold. I am glad someone did finally give her a lift but if I had been driving North Main Street that morning, I know it could have been me in the position of hero...

Why President Bush Is WRONG---THIS TIME...

Last week ended with a massive firestorm about the impending deal to allow a United Arab Emirates government-run corporation to assume port security duties for seven American ports.
Now, with the facts that the UAE government have openly exercised anti-Semitic views like calling for Israel to be destroyed, recognising the Taleban as the "legitimate" government of Afghanistan, and provided financial aid to the 11 September bombing suspects, President George W Bush STILL stands by the decision and even vows to veto any effort Congress makes to scupper the whole deal.
Ordinarily I would stand with the President on this...yet OTOH the UAE stand for everything he is against, including supporting terror, opposing Israel, and supporting the totalitarians that outlawed television and forbade Afghan girls older than eight from going to school.
Consequently President Bush is acting in a rather hypocritical fashion here.
And politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle are RIGHT to do so.
I even found myself agreeing with Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY, whom I would ordinarily call Schmuck Schumer, or even worse, instead of Schmuck, something that sounds similar but starts with...you get the picture.
Schumer has blasted the Bush decision and not without good reason: He has caught Bush turning heel and called him to account.
And for all of his previous displays of irrational partisan hatred going back more than a decade Schumer is on the right track this time.
Why allow a government-run company in a country with a spotty record...at best...for opposing terrorist conduct...to run security at a GUARD SHACK let alone half a dozen American ports? The doubts are too strong for President Bush to stay on this course.
If he wants to veto any effort to scupper the deal with Dubai Ports World let him go ahead and do so but with the clear understanding that he will certainly face a veto override he never expected.
Michael Savage and Sean Hannity clearly get it; it is a shame that Rush Limbaugh for his accuracy record does not...but he may want to think this one over.
As should President Bush.
Forget the bottom line: We the people do not want our security sold out to an at-best questionable government-run company: We need an AMERICAN company to deal with this issue...failing that put this in the hands of the American government, even if it IS under Homeland Security, which is rather well mismanaged is.