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Why Didn't I Just Replace It The First Time?

My computer started acting up, specifically my boot drive, and I had to take it in to a technician who determined that the boot drive was failing and the solution has been determined that we will use the current servant drive as a new master drive. Which is probably what I should have done in first place, simply replaced the old 6,4GB C/D drive with the new 80GB hard drive...
Isn't that about a bugger, when you have to have someone do for you what you should have done yourself? Somehow my first clue should have been that it was no longer defragmenting properly...
But in the end my plan is to get another 80GB hard drive to use as another servant/slave drive to what is about to become a new master...


Blogger Stacy said...

What type of computer do you use? Mac or PC? I need to but a desktop computer.

26/2/06 05:52  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

I have an IBM PC, and that is an older model, a 300PL with a P2 processor and 320MB, originally started with 64MB but upgraded it last spring, I do plan more memory upgrades.
Right now I have just about completed the reorganisation of my computer, but I had to reinstall several programmes due to corruption issues, nonetheless everything works well enough now.
I do plan to get an additional hard drive later on, 80 to 120GB maybe, just for graphics storage.
I still have to get a printer, but I have been waiting to boost my memory first.
If you are trying to get a larger hard drive, best to follow the programme that comes with it and consider making the new hard drive the boot drive; that way you are more likely to have fewer complications.
If you can afford two hard drives, get two of them; even Walmart will have them dirt cheap, also try Officemax or Office Depot; Staples should be good for that sort of thing.
Target and Kmart have a less diverse availability of hard drives.

1/3/06 21:28  

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