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Bad Umpire, Good Game: The Run That Should Have Counted

As an American I am proud to see my country excel in the world of sport...even in a sport that it created.
And as a Boston Red Sox fan I was proud to see my Bosox win the 2004 World Series in a whopping comeback.
And now another major event has rocked the baseball world.
When the United States defeated Japan 4:3 in a World Baseball Congress game the latter were shocked by an outrageous call by a dumbassed umpire by the name of Brian Knight.
And let me tell you a bit about Knight's unpardonable sin:

With the score tied 3-3, Japan appeared to score the go-ahead run against Joe
Nathan in the eighth when Akinori Iwamura flied to left with one out and the
bases loaded. Tsuyoshi Nishioka tagged up from third and beat Randy Winn's throw
home to give Japan a 4-3 lead.
Second base umpire Brian Knight ruled
Nishioka safe but Team USA appealed the play, contending Nishioka left the base
before the ball was caught, and plate umpire Bob Davidson overruled the call
following a brief discussion with the other umpires.
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And the row that resulted has reverbrated throughout Japanese society and even up to the prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi.

Even though the United States would still have won the game, but with a 5:4 margin, Japan certainly deserved to have that run count.

This episode shows us just how problematic officiating has become in organised sports. Too many fans are fed up with officials in sport who lack common sense. And yet we hear from athletic leagues that tell us not to criticise the umpire or the referee? When some idiot in stripes makes a horse manure call like this YOU DAMN RIGHT I'M GONNA CRITICISE THE UMPIRE!


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