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Why The Portgate Deal Is Illegal

From Divestment Watch:
The Arab boycott of Jewish interests started as early as 1921 - 27 years before
the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. The boycott is still in
today under the auspices of the Arab League and its Central Boycott
Office in
Damascus, Syria, and includes not only products produced in
Israel, but also
companies that do business in or with Israel. The boycott
even goes as far as
blacklisting ships that have docked in Israeli ports,
regardless of the cargo's
point of origin or ultimate destination. In
response to the Arab boycott of
Israel, Congress passed a law creating the
Office of Antiboycott Compliance
within the Department of Commerce in 1977.
The law prohibits U.S. persons from
taking certain actions in support of an
unsanctioned foreign boycott against a
country that is friendly to the
United States. Because Israel is an ally of the
United States, and our
government does not sanction the Arab boycott of Israel,
the law prohibits
actions that further or support the Arab League boycott of
Israel. Since the
year 2000, a divest-from-Israel campaign has been gaining
momentum on
college campuses across the United States. Boycott Watch (
www.boycottwatch.org), an
organization that examines boycotts and reports both sides of the story so
consumers can decide for themselves what the truth is and also the parent
organization of Divestment Watch, researched the anti-boycott laws and
that the law does indeed apply to the divest-from-Israel campaign
and has
challenged the campaign on its merit. In November 2003, Boycott
Watch sent a
letter to the Office of Antiboycott Compliance, furnishing
evidence that the
divest-from-Israel campaign is a direct function of the
Palestinian Authority,
which is a member of the Arab League and a signatory
to the Arab boycott of
Israel. Later, Boycott Watch furnished additional
information to the Office of
Antiboycott Compliance, about the Palestinian
Authority's effort to establish an
economic blockade of Israel in Malaysia.
This would effectively expand the scope
of the boycott and the Palestinian
Authority's economic warfare against Israel.
Boycott Watch reports on
consumer boycotts and violations of US law pertaining
to boycotts, including
illegal union and foreign boycotts. As a result of the
demand for
information with its leading role in the legal challenge to the
divest-from-Israel campaign, Boycott Watch created Divestment Watch to
concentrate on the divestment issue. Boycott Watch is now advising all
and universities that divest-from-Israel campaigns on their
campuses may be in
violation of the U.S. antiboycott law. Divestment is a
form of boycott - It is
the boycott of investment dollars. Divestment Watch
is actively reporting on the
illegal divestment/boycott campaign including
campus programs that promote the
illegal activity, lobbying for governmental
participation in the illegal
boycott, as well as business participation. By
understanding case histories and
the applicable laws, individuals become
empowered to warn potential participants
of the illegal nature of the
boycott as well as the tools to prevent such

And so we have a number of people who are still blind to reality, who don't even understand that in the United States we have a law against boycotting Israel, which is something that Dubai Ports World cooperates with, even going as far as to seek certificates of origin to ensure that no Israeli-made components are in any products coming into the dictatorship government-owned company's ports.

This means that those supporting the deal will be advocating that we allow a foreign company to violate our laws, thus showing us as inconsistent on Israel, and that misguided mindset is so ridiculously closedminded that they have consigned themselves to being prostitutes, because they love money, they are hypnotised by the almighty Dollar.

We will see how far that love for money goes in fighting terrorism if this deal goes through and terrorists sneak in, especially considering that so little of our cargo that goes through our ports is actually inspected...because it is too easy to manipulate shipping manifests and besides that if explosives or dirty nuclear materiel get through...and then a terrorist carried an attack on the Port of New York...then we would have an even bigger disaster than 11 September...and then the blood of thousands if not millions of innocents would forever blacken the money-loving prostitutes' hands.

And this is not prostitution in the literal sense so much as it is in the figurative sense: This form of prostitution is also just as deadly, even more than the literal form.

The risks are too high to allow a dictatorship government-run company to run a port especially when the dictatorship decapitates non-Muslims finances terrorist activity derecognises Israel and even forms an alliance with the Taleban.


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