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The Phenomenon Of Paedophile Teachers Is More Widespread---Worldwide

Recently I covered the case of paedophile teacher Debra Lafave including the woeful nonpunishment she received for raping a teenage boy.
Not long after that I learned of another case in Delaware, the case of Rachel Holt, who ALSO raped a teenage boy who was a student of hers in public school as well.
And then there has been a lot more attention paid to Tennessee paedophile teacher Pamela Rogers Turner who has been BUSTED for having a Myspace blog (1) and for contacting the teen boy whom she violated (2) BOTH in violation of her probation.
Now I find that there has been a number of other cases covered on Wikipedia and in Australian media, with no fewer than three such high profile cases in recent years of paedophile women working as teachers raping their male students.
And I have a real problem with the double standard afforded to female paedophile teachers versus male paedophile teachers. Why is it that paedophile females in public schools get only days or weeks behind bars yet their male counterparts ALWAYS get multiyear sentences?
Folks, this problem bothers the HELL out of me and chances are it bothers you too.
What we need is a judicioprosecutorial structure which LEVELS the playfield by mandating tough sentences for paedophile teachers of BOTH sexes AND prosecutors willing to have paedophile teachers irrespective of sex (or gender for those of you in Soviet Monica) locked up, meaning stop the 30 day jail terms for paedophile female teachers and start locking them down for 30 years or more in the toughest prison possible, and make them have to live in general population with the other female inmates who are oftentimes locked away from THEIR children themselves and show NO mercy for paedophiles either just as male prisoners show paedophiles no mercy.
Of course the misandrist extreme leftist militant feminist gangs will disagree with that. Well, it's time we the people rose up against that sort of kidglove treatment for women and started demanding---and then giving them---more HAMFISTED treatment like we give the men!
And let's have a look at some of the grave examples from Down Under...
Karen Ellis engaged in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student during October and November 2003, during which time she worked as a physical education teacher at a school in Melbourne, and even had sex with him in the same bed with which she slept with her husband. Vicious criticism erupted nationwide in the wake of her nonpunishment.
Then there is Heidi Choat, who seduced and had a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old in Central Queensland in 1998 and 1999. And she was mollycoddled at first but then finally stripped of her teaching position only to face a rather paltry sentence of two years.
Then there is Victorian paedophile teacher Cindy Leanne Howell who in 2005 pled guilty and faced a 5 year prison term for her relationship with a 15-year-old boy.
Looks like Australian justice is also having to face the same problem with paedophile teachers that WE are having to face. And the solution is simple:
  • Stop the double standards---NOW! Female criminals need to face the SAME punishment that a MAN would face.
  • Start giving female paedophile teachers the SAME LONG SENTENCES for their crimes that they would get if they were males committing the same offences.
  • And if you are the parent of a young boy and his teacher(s) is(are) female, particularly young females who would be considered attractive, watch her/them like a hawk. They must understand that we need to verify their trust first. Certainly female teachers are about as likely to look like sick pigs like Madonna, Cindy Sheehan, or Feminazi Feinstein as they are to look like Kylie Minogue, Paula Abdul, or Dayna Devon, but we need to be on our guard.

Of course this is not to impugn every teacher and suspect him or her of being a potential paedophile; however it is to the benefit of EVERY parent to keep their eye on the school, and particularly on the instructors and administrators as well.

No matter WHERE you live.


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