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Sixteen Interstate Highways That The DOT SHOULD Build: Introduction

What some folks may already know is that I am politically conscious and that I am interested in pro wrestling.
But what you may not also know is I am interested in advancing the infrastructure of our national highway system.
It may be the reason I have joined at least three Yahoo! groups regarding the American highway system.
As we all know interstate highways have developed and helped shape our national travel habits.

And now I am going into a series of commentaries that show exactly what new highways are specifically needed for the continuing development of our interstate system.

In this series I will touch upon interstate highways that the United States Department of Transportation and state highway departments as well need to build.

The first of these detailed will involve an unorthodox extension of a Los Angeles area three-digit interstate (3di) to parallel its parent one digit interstate (1di) as a state turnpike all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge itself...and in process replace a controversial 3di with no parent route.
The second of these will be a report about where Interstate 40 really needs to end...and it is not in Barstow where it currently ends either. I'll even break down some other proposals and why they WILL NOT work at all...and why my solution is superior.
The third of these will take a Southern two digit interstate (2di) that runs through my community and extend it to diagonal opposite ends of the USA connecting Mexico to Atlantic Canada.
The fourth of those will extend another 2di in my home state and send that all the way to the Gulf Coast.
The fifth of those will show how interstate commerce will further improve with yet another Midwestern 2di extended into the Deep South...this time all the way to southern Florida.
The sixth will advocate the case for realigning another Southern 2di onto a more geographically correct corridor that will serve significantly more travellers and communities especially for an x0 (a 2di ending in zero, as in 10, 20, 30, etc) route.
The seventh will advocate the case for extending another Midwestern 2di along that former corridor of the relocated x0 route and into the Lone Star State.
The eighth of those proposals will extend an East Coast 2di into the southern Atlantic region...and replace another 2di into a neighbouring state in process.
The ninth will relocate a controversially misaligned 2di which a porkbarrel politico foisted upon the people of Pennsylvania and America to the Atlantic as well.
Number ten will touch upon a new route to replace THAT 2di, using a number just replaced itself in number eight.
Number eleven will extend a truncated x0 route all the way to the San Francisco Bay Area and open up many more opportunities for 3dis to relieve growing traffic in the Bay Area and the San Joaquin Valley and will even incorporate those proposals in the mix.
Number twelve will address a more sensible way even if controversial for finally putting a major California city on a 2di.
Number thirteen will address the extension of an existing interstate in Virginia and why the plan to reroute that is wrong, and why my solution is a real improvement.
Number fourteen connects the Midwest to a major east coast seaport and military community.
And number fifteen will show an extension of a Midwestern and Southern 2di all the way to the Canadian border...and you won't believe where it connects into, with a Canadian route offered as well.

And sixteen will wrap it all up with a new Interstate using a currently proposed number but for a better location.

I should be starting this series shortly...and I hope that you consider these plans and even consider telling the DOTs and the politicians about some REAL solutions for our national highway system.


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