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The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

The Radio Equalizer with Brian Maloney is an interesting site to be forthright. It challenges the controlled media's take on current events.
But before you dismiss Maloney as another Matt Drudge wannabe consider for a moment that the internet has helped common folks expose not only the real news but also the mechanics of controlled media newsrooms. Maloney's presence signifies yet even further how much pull WE really have, that more and more we are fuelling the continued development of the independent media, something independent of the Controlled News Nutwork or Most Soitenly Nuthin' But Crap.
And he calls himself an equaliser, and that he does with his deft analyses. Put it another way: Brian Mulroney puts the electric chair slam on the controlled media in a continued handicap match that has turned tide in which now the audience have become combatants against the controlled media.


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