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What the HELL justifies the DUMBASSED decision to basically let a paedophile who got into our public school system off the hook with no more than a slap on the wrist, just because the family of the victim are too worried about the publicity?
This is the aftermath of the foul decision in Florida to let teacher-turned-paedophile Debra Lafave off the hook for raping an underaged male student.
And what is even MORE sickening is this problem is incredibly common, that our public schools would become infiltrated with paedophiles.
Take the 2002 case of paedophile principal Rita Wilson, who subjected underaged female secondary school students at Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego to "panty checks" under some perverse notion that teens might be wearing thong bikini panties under their skirts and dresses to school dances.
Personally I would prefer thongs not be made available to minors...OOOH I would like to wring the neck of the perverse cretin who developed the "kiddie thong".
That said, it's NOT the principals' OR ANY OTHER TEACHERS' business WHAT THE HELL children wear under their damn dresses skirts shorts and trousers!
And yet the sick neoliberal fringe leftists that have overrun the San Diego public school administration saw fit to merely demote Rita to teacher.
If that school board actually HAD any damn common sense AND if San Diego had actually had a prosecutor who gave a good God damn about children AND education AND the integrity of the education system Rita Wilson would be sitting in a PRISON CELL IN CHOWCHILLA or FRONTERA...WHERE SHE BELONGS!!!!
And now we come back to the high-profile case of the paedophile teacher Debra Lafave who was rising in her profession as a very beautiful young instructor in the Tampa area...and then started befriending one student, about14 years of age.
Whilst there is no question that teachers should reach out to their students the approach that Debra Lafave undertook was absolutely abysmal.
When Debra Lafave resorted to sexual intercourse to reach her students she committed a grave act of paedophilia.
At one point the jackass who represented her in court, John Fitzgibbons, clearly demonstrated his willingness to sacrifice children's innocence and rights not to be molested by paedophiles even and especially in the classroom...where they are conveniently appeased by fringe minority neoliberal neosocialist neocommunist punks who seek to encourage ALL forms of extreme deviancy in the name of so-called "diversity".
Well, if this is what "passes" for "diversity", I WANT NO PART OF THAT, ESPECIALLY NOT IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS!
THIS IS the kind of crap that is driving more and more parents out of public schools and into private schools and homeschooling, both of which have exploded in popularity in recent years as galloping neocommunist neototalitarian anti-American political castration has overrun school curricula, purposely accelerating the stupefying of our youth, brainwashing them with condoms on cucumbers in the second grade and teaching third graders how to "Care" for the Earth by planting a tree, yet not even bothering to teach proper math, nor even history the way it really happened.
And with paedophiles purposely being "outed" in the Roman Catholic Church this has become an even greater concern: What about the paedophiles in the public schools? I guess the NAMBLA idiots are PERFECTLY acceptable according to the neocommunists who seem to think that it's OK to attack churches seeing that they don't believe in God, yet they will bend over backward to protect them in the teaching profession, even to the point of extending "tenure" to such filth.
And so it is with this case: The teachers' unions---a group of Mafia fronts---see NO problem with appeasing even the most despicable teachers, especially paedophiles like Mary Kay Letourneau, who is now married to her rape victim, Vili Fuulaau, who fathered two of her children as a young teen and has subsequently been subjected to intensive psychological damage, Rita Wilson, and now Debra Lafave.
Of course Mary Kay has spent her time in prison, but Rita and Debra have gotten off with a slap on the wrist. At least Debra has surrendered her teaching licence...which is of no real comfort either to parents or other truly decent-minded folks.
Maybe the time has come to PERMANENTLY ABOLISHING "TENURE" in the education profession. After all, even politicians don't get "tenure"!
Beyond that we have to look at John Fitzgibbons' claim, his blatant lie of, To place an attractive young woman in that kind of hell hole is like putting a piece of raw meat in with the lions, I'm not sure she would survive.
And that is EXACTLY the 180 DEGREES WRONG approach to handling this case: If we are to buy John Fitzgibbons' lie that "to place an attractive young womanin that kind of hell hole is like putting a piece of raw meat in with the lions", then he is insinuating that beautiful women who break the law should automatically be exempt from criminal prosecution.
Taking that into consideration, does that mean that (taking graphic at top of this entry, from left) Paula Abdul, Taylor Dayne, Ann Curless, Tracy Turner, Dayna Devon, and Jacintha Wesselingh should, if they EVER violate the law, be allowed to use the "I'm too gorgeous for jail" argument?
My understanding is Paula Abdul just had to deal with some charges to an alleged hit-and-run in Los Angeles. Maybe now the Pop Idol judge could renegotiate her consequences with Fitzgibbons on her side.
Does that mean now that Taylor Dayne could get away with a drunken brawl because of the 80s/90s dance music diva's beauty...or even her voice? "Not only is she gorgeous but she sings like a Black woman too, so let's toss that case."
And surely Ann Curless---the drop dead gorgeous tall blonde lead singer of Expose'---which is my all-time favourite music group---could now justify speeding at 240 kilometros an hour in a 24km/h (15mi/h) school zone in her native Miami, Florida, claiming she is too beautiful to have to face speeding tickets and jail time for endangering primary school students. "Oh, and she outshone Jeanette Jurado, Gioia Bruno, and Kelly Moneymaker in the vocal AND looks departments, too, but they didn't use her vocals on lead nearly enough, shame on Lewis Martinee, what the hell was he thinking?"
Next comes Tracy Turner, another drop dead gorgeous tall blonde, who used to work at local television stations in Springfield and Joplin, Missouri, before relocating to her native Boise, Idaho to continue her career in 2000, what if the towering (6-foot-plus) news diva were to drive through a police roadblock in a speeding Hummer H2 and injure four policemen? What's Fitzgibbons going to do, get her off scotfree because she's so irresistibly beautiful (which she REALLY truly is)? "And besides, great journalists are in such short supply, let's just hope we can get her on DNN or Most Soitenly Nuthin' But Crap, just not on Fox News where those neocons can corrupt her!"
Now we come to Dayna Devon. Let's say she drinks too much wine at dinner with her husband---a SURGEON---and gets behind the wheel AGAINST HIS ADVICE---then mows down a homeless drunkard in Chinatown Los Angeles going 140km/h? Is Johnny Fitzgibbons going to bail her ass out of a criminal case on the same premise? "And besides, she's the SEXIEST presenter Extra has ever had, Warner Brothers Television should fire Mark McGrath and make her the sole presenter (all you Yankees read: Anchor)."
Last but certainly not least we go north of the border into Canada, what effect would Jacintha Wessselingh (ya SIN tah VESS'l-LING) have upon the criminal justice system of Canada, or at least the province of Ontario, if the CTV ETalk television reporter drove a Jeep Cherokee through the local botanical gardens in Toronto then ran through a police barricade at 120km/h before leading Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on a 100km chase down the 401 Freeway before she were finally forced off the road and taken to jail in handcuffs and leg irons? Is that bastard John Fitzgibbons going to cross the border to get her off scotfree from those charges? "But you have to understand, Canadians absolutely want her back on ETalk, where she belongs, and what about that brilliant interview with Shania Twain for receiving the Order Of Canada award? And besides, she is SOOOO HOT! you gotta let her go, Your Honour."
Well, let me tell you folks, if THAT should ever become the case, then American...and even Canadian society for that matter...is about to crumble like Rome did, on the basis of people behaving irresponsibly with beauties getting off scotfree and yet ugly broads looking like Madonna, Natalie Moron from the Dixie Whores, Debrita Gibson (Skating With Celebrities), Whiffany (I think we're alone now, Coulda been, Radio romance, All this time), andShitlery Rotten Clinton get WHAT?
Folks, that is a HORRIBLE concept that could become the case if we are NOT careful. WE MUST MANDATE that people are held accountable for their own actions and MUST be subject to the SAME standards no matter how BEAUTIFUL or how UGLY you are!
And that INCLUDES paedophiles in the education profession: They MUST POSITIVELY be rooted out and arrested and jailed and permanently disqualified from education jobs!
And this ties into another main concern of mine: PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. How the HELL is it that Bill Clinton---the never-elected media puppet whom the liberal media selected TWICE in the 1990s---was able to get away with rape, murder plots, drugs, and scandals like Whitewatergate, Fornigate, FBI-Investi-Gate, Lippogate, and Lewinskygate?
ANSWER: The same irresponsibility that is running rampant in our public schools which appease the paedophiles and other undesirable folks under the guise of "tenure" was also encouraged by the controlled media, who would have loved Bill Clinton even if the Fat Fornicator had gotten the SPICE GIRLS pregnant and then FATHERED TWINS WITH GERI HALLIWELL!

And then we would still have to put up with NINE MONTHS of him LYING to the American people...

And now what is the difference between those two statements?
Governor Ventura is telling the truth.
As we can clearly see there is a HELL of a lot of problems that can result when our societal institutions allow the abdication of personal responsibility and the appeasement of bad behaviour for any reason.
INCLUDING with vain concern for the criminal's appearance and attractiveness.


Blogger Stacy said...

Its sad that she was "too pretty for jail." What's she gotta do, murder sombody? Laws are perverted (or more like the judgemets are perverted) from time to time. Scary. I would think the parents would want justice for their son.

25/3/06 17:08  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

Thank you for your comment Stacy. I gotta agree: These laws and especially the judgments favour the perverted and the fact that we have people in our courts and our legal profession willing to appease such blatant perversion does not help matters either.
If I were a parent of a victim of a paedophile I would COMMAND a long prison sentence...AT THE VERY LEAST.
Seems like murder would be the only way the courts react and even then considering that this IS a Florida court this is even more disturbing. Now, not only can a greedy husband fleece the government healthcare programmes and kill his own wife with help from a sympathetic attorney and a sympathetic judge in the name of "end-of-life issues" but also paedophiles can basically get away with molesting schoolchildren.
Not only is this scary, this is sickening, my friend. Better well get some AlkaSeltzer...

26/3/06 01:28  

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