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For Once I Actually AGREE With Communists!

I was reading an article from one of the newsfeeds dispersed into one of my forums about the South African Youth Communist League demanding that that country's government implement sanctions about Zimbabwe. I have to say that this is a welcome idea and something that is long overdue from the entire national community about Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe's extreme oppression.
It is basically common knowledge that Mugabe has attacked the personal freedoms of anyone who does not ascribe to his dictatorial party the ZanuPF. A short list of the evils he has done whilst in office:

He has sent his government to employ hostage tactics in the pursuit of government critics after two employees of a prominent lawyer were detained for allegedly obstructing a police investigation into his activities.

He has arrested the director of a radio station broadcasting from outside of the country to Zimbabweans.

He has allowed rampant sex abuse against children in his country.

He has sent his military to brand his opposition as an enemy of the country.

He has implemented new procedures that further bolster his regime's ability to steal land from private landowners, this on top of stealing White Zimbabwean farmers' land and giving it to far less educated Black Zimbabweans.

He has stolen the homes of some 700 000 Zimbabwean city dwellers by bulldozing them and forcing out their occupants and residents in the capital Harare, where the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, MDC, are very popular; some of the evacuees were from Mugabe's ZanuPF party.

He has routinely charged his primary MDC rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, with treason and imprisoned him for his ideological differences.

He has oppressed independent newspapers and prevented them from trying to register.

He has threatened humanitarian aid organisations who raised money to help the suffering residents of his impoverished country.

He has turned what once was a net exporter of agricultural products into a starving nation forced to rely on what little imports his regime will allow.

He has stolen a number of elections including at least two in the 2000s where opposition parties and foreign observers have described the elections process in the country as seriously flawed.

And yet no one seems to take a hard enough line against his regime, especially not in the international community.
The commmunist- and terrorist- and fascist-dominated United Nations and particularly many other African nations see fit to appease Mugabe's out of control dictatorship.
And yet just about the only nations willing to take on Mugabe include the USA, the UK, and Australia.

But now the South Africa Youth Communist League may have just sent a wakeup call to resonate with ALL of the political parties of that country. Not only are the governing African National Congress going to have to wake up and smell the reality and see the ugly truth about Zimbabwe, but so must also the African Christain Democratic Party, the Democratic Alliance, and even the White Afrikaaner-dominated Freedom Front Plus. The SAYCL have just offered a loud wakeup call that Pretoria had better well respond to. Already the culture of corruption has by replacing apartheid shortcircuited the country's chances at real freedom; but now is their chance to look upon themselves. And they may be able to find that solution by handling Zimbabwe effectively.
Thabo Mbeki---the current South African president---must be brave enough to take a harder line against Robert Mugabe. And the African National Congress have the duty as the leading party---the DOMINANT leading party of South Africa---to join the SAYCL's clarion call.
And this has to come with REAL common sense actions, NOT just talk. As the old cliche goes...talk is cheap.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the devastation Robert Mugabe has wrought on his country.


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