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The Witches Cabinet Needs Your Help!

I just read about this in my email from Shadow Dark Fyre from The Domain And Realms Forum (click this link) about some folks who really could use some help and some support. I want everyone in here to read the whole post and offer support from some decent minded businesspersons who happen to be getting stabbed in the back by other folks claiming to share their Pagan faith.

Hi! Sorry, you had to hear this but the witches cabinet in Katy will be closing .My wife and I set out in good faith to open a pagan temple and a store. But greed and power took over with two of my students. Feb. I incited Cheyenne and Manny into the craft for the first time in there lives . They then preceded to call themselves hps / hp of our coven with the backing of there kids in the coven it was a Koo. But because my wife and I are true witches we stepped down and let them lead. Then they set there eyes on totally running the store and locked us out of the store and removed us from the bank account.

But as you know we never publicized this dirty laundry on the web for fear it would hurt the business. so we had an attorney get the bank account frozen and the keys for the new locks cut and we had a meeting and resolved the mater at that time . well we all started over . But of course that didn't last long sinita, revae and i were given the cold shoulder.

we were the unwanted ex husband so we stepped back and let Cheyenne and her kids just run the store . but for the last three months the store has been run into the ground we started out with no debt and now the store owes more per month than it brings in. so we told them we could no longer bail the store out of debt. ha they told me either give them 1500 dollars or they would forcibly remove us as ( owners ) so my wife and I being the first owners of the store . going on the advice of our Attorney Got ALL of the files for taxes, 1 /3 of the merchandise, and all of the things that belonged to us personally. and we did this at 6:00 Am before the store was open so as not to hurt the stores rep.

you see we owned the name witches cabinet since 2003 when we still worked for Diann at sellers mystical cottage . and we were in the process of opening store # 2 when we got the message that store #1 was failing. The reason we haven't posted on Witches Cabinet Yahoo Group and on West side Pagans Yahoo Group is because we have been moderated not allowed to speak. Any thing we send Cheyenne just deletes. So no one in the group even knows what we say. We need help to get the truth out. Not because we want pity. But because they can and will do this to others. We just want peace. I do not hate Cheyenne, Manny, Krystal, Fred, Cory, Robert, Liz, Josh, or Sinita, but I am glad for the time that we had. And the friendship that we shared. I do have sorrow that power and greed came between a family. That the Wiccan Rede, that I live my life by and the justice to protect the innocent has failed. I hope with all my heart that my friends can find peace, in their lives and wish the very best for all of them, in their lives. I pray that they will be successful in any venture that they pursue. However, as far as Witches Cabinet in Katy Texas goes, the phones will be turned off on the 5Th of this month. The power will be turned off on Monday. And the store in Katy is closed as of Tuesday May 03, 2006. There is no sales tax id. in the store. There are no catalogs to order new merchandise, at that location. We as the owners of Witches Cabinet apologize for our dirty laundry.

And any inconvenience that we may have caused our community.

As of today Cheyenne, Manny, Krystal are considered warlocks. And anything they say as of this moment should be taken with a grain of salt. They bare false witness against their family, and have been banished from the coven, Oakley Forest Clan. Stripped of any titles, powers or magic they may have received while under my tutelage.Sincerely, Kris Acly AKA Lord Sterling Knight OakleyP.S. We need your help to get the truth out. We are censored and can not defend ourselves. We only ask that you put this in your own words and spread the message. I hope that we can get through this hard time. And look forward to doing business with you in the future.

But most importantly that we haven't lost your respect and love. Feel free to leave out personal information that I am telling you. We don't want to gossip, or bare false witness against our brothers and sisters. No matter how far they have fallen there is always hope. Thank you for your love and support may the god and goddess bless you and yours. May all who help reap nothing but positive and wondrous Karmic rewards or fortunes.

Email: WitchesCabinet@yahoo.com
Phone: (832) 435 4164

Brother Kris, you have my wholehearted support. As a Christian I believe it is important to show respect for others of my faith; that is why you will never see me as a Pentecostal attacking other Pentecostals, or Baptists, or Lutherans, or even Catholics.
And I hope that if you are reading this, no matter WHAT your faith, you too will show your support. Don't get too eager to preach, that is not important so much as helping these folks with their business.
And these are decent minded businesspersons with a positive approach toward both their faith and their business. They want to develop their business and having had a business in the past I can relate easily to their concerns.


Blogger Phoenix said...

This post is NOTHING but lies. I am sorry this was even posted here... If you knew this guy in person, you wouldn't belive him... he is a habitual liar and manipulator.

Again... I am sorry this even was posted here.


14/5/06 04:23  
Blogger Phoenix said...

If you would like to know the rest story, please join the Yahoo! group named Witches Cabinet to read the whole story.

14/5/06 04:26  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

Thanks for letting me know, Phoenix. A link would certainly be appreciated. I am more than willing to visit and get your side of the story.
I make every effort to get all sides of the argument.
You are cordially invited to continue to plead your case.
AND I would be more than willing to join the Witches Cabinet. I always try to get all sides of the story.

Also do not apologise for this being posted here. I am glad you came to explain your position. I am willing to see which side is correct about this...even if it changes my opinion.

Recently I had my opinion changed about how to handle Zacarias Moussaoui's fate. I could be moved to change as well. But I welcome all sides of all issues on this and every commentary.

14/5/06 06:53  
Blogger Kris Acly said...

Hello im kris acly i would like to fallow up with you.

26/7/13 06:12  

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