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After AT&T stabbed me in the back for the last time with their grossly overpriced internet services replete with phone services I used only to get onto the 'Net by committing another act of bad faith, fraud, breach of contract, and price gouging, I chose to switch to the internet service offered by my cable company---CableOne. I had dealt with CableOne about 10 years ago when I had cable TV with them for a year and was constantly taping Rush Limbaugh, Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butt-Head, The Simpsons, Drew Carey, Jeff Foxworthy, and The Commish...a real mix of quality TV programmes.
I've been with CableOne for about three weeks now and I must say that the quality of internet service works a bit faster than it did with AT&T, not to mention that programmes seem to work faster.
But just a few days after I got cut off by AT&T a forum network site where one of my forums is located got hacked and that brought down the site for several days. When it became too obvious that the hundreds of thousands of messages---of which my forum, RAW IS POLITICS, a hybrid of politics, professional wrestling, business, science, technology, education, health, and sport threads, contained in the neighbourhood of 123 000---were not going to be readily retrieved---the call was made that forum hosts would restart their forums all over. That meant me too. Cornerbarforums is now back up and running, has been for almost four weeks now, with stronger firewalls, and yes we have plenty of room if you want to host a forum there, we ask only that you follow our TOS...and as a network staff member I have found myself helping out members with some of the technical aspects of the format, the Beehive format, which is HTML intensive, but not difficult to use.
And as for RAW IS POLITICS, that forum is back up and running stronger than ever, with more sport folders with special emphasis on American and Canadian football and auto racing, and additional wrestling folders, including those for Total Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestling in addition to several folders for WWE programmes and general information, plus folders for health issues, legal, business, science, technology, other sports, and the major American political parties, to speak nothing of the regional politics from the UK, Latin America, the West Indies, the East Indies, Indochina, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific including New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. And now the current total as I speak has passed the 9 500 mark and continues to rise, it will break the 10 000 mark and be the first to do so. RAW IS POLITICS has returned to number one on Cornerbarforums, click the second icon from the left in the top bank of radio buttons below the Atomic Lounge banner for the nearly 7 000 threads. And BTW I set that forum to guest access (1) and you don't have to pay to join the network (2).
Also I can help you with an awesome tutorial I drafted about the way the Beehive forum format works, and even one about how signatures work, with which I would gladly help you with.
Furthermore I would like to point out that as of 1st August Cornerbarforums has become Freedom Forums, but the URLs are not about to change.
And the other forums are rebuilding as well, a few forums merged, including the previously Number Two and Three forums, into PSP Island where you can learn how to make fancy graphics, fancier than you will see here anyway, and there are other forums, political, sports, and other topics covered. You are sure to enjoy those forums there.


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