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Dubai Ports World Didn't Exactly Lie To Us BUT...

After the wheels came off on President George W Bush's eager desire to sell out our national ports security to a foreign government-owned company for the sake of his precious "bottom line" when Dubai Ports World announced they would spin off their American port operations as they got fed up with the Capitol Hill politicos raising hell (and justifiably at that), it appears that they may be softpedalling their spinoff.
DPW have now decided to slow down the pace of their selloff in the wake of their acquisition of P&O, this according to an email circulated by DPW's American Vice President, Robert Scavone.
Now it appears that they do not plan to unsettle the labourers at their Miami port operations.
However they must remember that the American people are impatient to see this resolution through...and after that other foreign owned ports operations and other infrastructure operations are sure to be heavily scrutinised.
As well it should be.
If we are not careful to verify the buyers of such structures then what is the point of even having them especially if they could easily abuse the elements for ill will. That is exactly why this deal did not pass America's smell test. And we feared terrorist infiltration for good reason: If this deal had been allowed to go through, how long would it have been before the Red Chinese would have taken the White House and the Military under its own "management"?


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