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News & Updates---Heather Pedigo

Just dropped in at Heather Pedigo's weblog(known asNews & Updates) and that is on top of visiting her website, and it is certainly a very interesting place to visit.
A little info about Heather: She is not only tall blonde and drop dead gorgeous but also very muscular, and in a VERY eye-pleasing, eye-catching, and eye-popping way.
I have always regarded muscular women as having superlative sex appeal and embodying unparallelled eroticism.
And Heather certainly qualifies in those categories, this coming from having lifted for six years and teaching aerobics for five more before that, a true testament that strength training can improve a woman's body.
Myself I regard people with narrow-minded attitudes about muscular women as being jealous because people like Heather Pedigo have such sexy hot hard bodies and they don't. To the haters chugging that Haterade I say, Deal with it. Here's $20, go to Walmart and get a case of toilet paper, because your attitude's BUTT!
And besides if you were to get a look at what a tall muscular woman usually looks like, if you're chugging that Haterade, you'll slam on the brakes and change your impression about sexy muscular women altogether.
And if you already DO love muscular women, well, let's just say you will fall head over heels for that hottie.
And you might even enjoy her musical tastes, listening to older AOR (album oriented rock) and dance music and urban music. She even gets in a cardio workout watching Pop Idol!
All I can say is, Go see her blog AND her site. You WILL be pleasantly surprised.
And for you young ladies having personal body image issues, Heather's gorgeous physique will SURELY assuage your fears and permanently reform those issues...and next thing YOU know YOU'LL be flexing your own 19-inch guns (just like Heather!)
OK folks that is just about enough gushing for now. Gotta get some sleep because I have to go to work later this AM in NW Arkansas. CHEERS!


Blogger Heather Pedigo said...

wow!! this may be the the absolute sweetest post anyone has ever written about/for me!! I must admit, you are giving me the big head lol, you compliments are very much appreciated.

keep in touch


15/4/06 02:35  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

Heather, glad you liked it, that came straight from the heart...right here. (POUNDS CHEST IN CENTRE)
I understand your humility; I myself tend to be humble; I am glad you appreciated my comments.
There are just some things and even some folks that bring out the best in hopefully all of us.
BTW Thanks for stopping in Heather. Greatly appreciated.
I should be back over soon.
I plan to add something to this blog over the weekend...I have been very busy lately with work...

15/4/06 10:33  
Blogger Heather Pedigo said...

I am feeling ya on the work thing :)

we started a forum on my site, sign up if you want, of course it is free.....

talk soon

20/4/06 02:05  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

Hey sweetie, just signed up...I should be dropping in from time to time. If you need help with that format let me know as I have been hosting a forum with the BBCode format for two and a half years myself, and I also moderate at another forum that is a lot like yours but much bigger and heavily focused on women's bodybuilding fitness and other physique arts...

You may want to check out the links list on the right column of my blog and see some of the sites I use for news sources and some of the projects I am involved in...

20/4/06 04:40  
Blogger (SR71)Atomica said...

And folks, she has had an interesting history on the road to the present. Turns out Heather has had some contest experience. Read the report at http://www.ftvideo.com/genex/profiles04/pedigo.htm and see what I mean. Additionally if that does not turn up as a link just copy and paste to your browser.

20/4/06 23:50  

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