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politically what?

politically what?
That's the unlikely name for an awesome political blog which is fiercely independent and fiercely anti-terrorist...just like this blog.
And "The Boodge" is not afraid to step on neocommunists' and other terrorist appeasers' toes either. This is a strongly worded yet well written blog. You will enjoy it...ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE AMERICAN. (Or Israeli)


Blogger the boodge said...

Hell yeah, thanks for the post! I will return the favor. Keep reading and i'll keep ranting.

If you get a chance, check out my friends clothing line: http://politees.net (it's very anti-lib, anti-terror, and pro-American)

14/8/06 14:19  
Blogger Harrap said...

Great blog you have here! Great to smackdown Republicans ;)

9/9/06 23:33  
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